Tyler Year 13 & His Dad

"Hi I am Tyler I am a previous students of EMT. I came here specially my last year of high school year 13 when I was doing calculus, wasn't very confident before I came here. After doing EMT for a few months, I actually passed my calculus quite well and get me a lot more Tylerconfidence just coming through EMT and i just like to say big Thank you because now I have been studying Aviation for almost 2 years to learning become a pilot, Currently teaching people how to fly. It has been really great, so thank you very much EMT. Dad: Yeah I am Tyler's Dad Now, I can only back that up as his dad; before we got actually here teacher said "don't even bother your time you wont to pass." It was great to see after coming to EMT , she did a marvelous job, helping us and getting it through. Thank you so much to EMT. We are back again."

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