All below sessions prices include GST. Cost is per hour, per student.

  • Initial Assessment Session: $55
  • Group Session/hour: $45
  • BYOB- Shared Session/Hour:$69
  • One on One Session: $89

See packages below

  • Statistics: We do One on One (External Only) / BYOB (Bring Your Own Buddy)
  • Calculus: We do One on One/ BYOB.
  • Cambridge: We do One on One/ BYOB.
  • Entrance Test: We do One on One/ BYOB

N.B. Parents may sit in with their child during the Assessment Session to observe

Methods of Payment


We accept internet banking and cheque payments.

Please, No weekly or broken installments by internet banking and cheque.

Click here for Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy

Please pay before you Book

  • ‘Pay & Book’ means students, parents must pay for all the sessions which are being
    booked prior to session commencement.
  • We need confirmation of payment from you for the sessions you have paid.
  • Please provide us the date and time slots you want us to book the sessions for your convenience.
  • EMT isn’t responsible if time slots beyond your prior booked and paid sessions are taken.
  • Please monitor your own bookings to ensure that all students are automatically re-enrolled for next term for the same day and time slot including holidays/term breaks. If you want to stop your child attending or if you want to make changes into day and time of your child’s session time please give a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

For the more information please email: info@expertmathstuition.co.nz

If you need to contact Sonia between 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm then please text only to 021 0 615 614.



Session Type
5 Shared Sessions + 5 Group Sessions
5 One on One Sessions + 5 Group Sessions
5 One one One Sessions + 5 Shared sessions



Session Type Fee Total
5 Group Sessions 5 x $45 $225
5 Shared Sesssions 5 x $69 $345
5 one on one sessions 5 x $89 $445



Session Type Fee Total
10 Group Sessions 10 x $45 $450
10 Shared Sesssions 10 x $69 $690
10 one on one sessions 10 x $89 $890



Session Type Fee Discount Total
20 Group Sessions 20 x $45 $90 $810
20 Shared Sesssions 20 x $69 $138 $1242
20 one on one sessions 20 x $89 $178 $1602

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