What Are Your Sessions Like?
How Do I Book An Assessment?

In order to book an assessment session at the most convenient time and nearest EMT center, either book here using our easy online booking system or call and we can make the booking for you.

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How Will I Know My Child Is Making Progress?

You will notice a new attitude towards Mathematics as EMT boosts the student's confidence. You will also receive feedback from your school in the form of test results, assessments and teachers' feedback. The tutor will inform you about your child's progress after each session and please fix the equation "Confidence + Enthusiasm + Skills = Brilliant Minds. Our formula is simple: Understanding + Enthusiasm = Success & Enjoyment.

Why Do You Require 24 Hours Notice Of Cancellation?
Because EMT does not teach with the aid of computers. Instead, every student receives the attention of a real teacher in each maths tuition session. We need to carefully schedule the time of our teachers, so we require 24 hours notice of cancellation in order to re-arrange teaching times for our students.
Why Do EMT Students Do So Well?

We think it’s due to a combination of factors. EMT provides a low-stress environment that’s conducive to learning. The EMT Tutor’s passion and enthusiasm rub off on students. We also aim to work as a team with the family and school to ensure real progress. EMT places great emphasis on the initial One on One assessment, so each student receives a maths tuition program that is tailored and personalized. Finally, EMT provides homework assignments that consolidate what has been learned in the session

Why Do You Recommend Parents Come Along To The First Session?

It’s helpful for parents to understand the methods EMT uses so they can understand what we’re working towards and can provide support at home. 

Many parents have also expressed their feeling of learning more just by sitting through and observing their children's Assessment Session than the majority of what they learnt back in their student life. 

Why Is The First Session A One To One Session?
So we can accurately assess the learners current level of maths competency. Once we know that, we can focus on providing tuition at the most appropriate level.
Are You Open In The Evenings?

Yes, we offer evening sessions in our maths tuition centers. Please discuss the most suitable times with your local EMT center and we’ll do our best to arrange a time that suits.

Could I Meet You To Find Out More About Your Maths Tuition Programme?

We encourage parents to come along with the student during their first session at EMT. This is the ideal way to learn about our teaching methods and strategies, and how we offer personalised tutoring to the specific level of the student . We encourage parents to sit alongside and observe the session in which a section of the time is alotted for answering all your questions and giving you the full overview of our services. 

Are You Open During The Holidays?

Yes. EMT centres are open during school holidays.

Could We Split A One On One Session Between Two Students So They Each Get 30 Minutes Of Tuition?

Each One on One session is an intensive coaching session designed to enable one student to make the maximum progress within one hour. This gives us the time to cover a number of topics in one session, tailored to that student’s needs.

Splitting the hour between two students will deteriorate the purpose of a fully focused hour of learning. The good news is that the two students can share an hour and study together by attending our Shared Session. 

How Does Your Teaching System Work? Which Syllabus Do You Follow?

We have a straight forward but unique system that concentrates on teaching maths concepts that are accessible and free from off-putting jargon. Sessions are conducted in a warm and psychologically supportive atmosphere that puts the student at ease. All sessions are conducted in small groups or one to one.We don’t use computers or calculators in our maths tutoring sessions as these tools create dependency and rob the student’s mind of its ability to face and solve mathematical problems. Instead, we help learners build a secure foundation in maths. We teach all maths subjects in the NZ curriculum from years 1 to 13. We can also tailor maths tuition to meet the requirements of international, tertiary or professional entrance exams.

Is The First Session For Assessment Purposes Only, Or Do You Start Teaching As Well?

The first session is a One on One session that’s designed to find out about the student’s needs. It also doubles as a very effective personal tutoring session that will add new knowledge within the very first hour. Students discover new maths strategies and develop fresh confidence during this initial session. We often hear from parents that they have learnt as much during this single hour as they learned during their own college or university experience!

Which Maths Topics Do You Teach?

We follow the NZ mathematics curriculum at all levels up to Tertiary and professional entrance examinations.Maths Tuition is personalized to each student’s needs. The initial Assessment session is a vital tool to uncover the requirements of a student so that learning can cover the required subjects and be tailored at the correct level

Who Does The Teaching?

Each session is led by an EMT maths tutor. All EMT tutors are trained by our Principal Teacher, Soniyaa. EMT tuition is designed around our proven system, which has been developed by Soniyaa over more than a decade of successful maths tuition in New Zealand.

Does EMT Offer A Free Assessment Before Developing A Personalized Maths Tuition Programme?

No. This Assessment session is $55 incl. GST and includes a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. In other words, if the parent or student does not find the session useful and does not wish to proceed with EMT, then EMT will not charge a cent. So far, we have never had anyone decide to take up this guarantee so were confident our system works. Students and parent learn a lot in the Assessment session. We suggest parents sit beside the student while the session is in progress in order to observe EMT's unique style of teaching. Once we have completed the Assessment session, we will have an accurate idea of the students level of understanding and any deficits in maths. We can then teach the appropriate skills and start to fill the gaps.

How Many Times Does My Child Need To Attend EMT?

This depends on the outcome of the assessment session as well as the student's goals. Some students attend once a week, some twice a week, and some come to EMT up three times a week. We can arrange a schedule of One to One or Shared Sessions, depending on what works best for each student.

How Do I Book An Assessment?

Book Now

Simply click on the Book link above. Select the most convenient EMT branch and we will arrange an Assessment session at a time that suits you.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

No. Our fees include GST and there are no hidden costs.

When Are Your Centres Open?

EMT centers are open seven days a week. We will endeavor to arrange maths tutoring sessions at times that suit the student

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