The Founder

Soniyaa founded Expert Maths Tuition in 2003 to deliver top
coaching to children and adults wanting to excel challenges in Maths.


Soniyaa Founded Expert Maths Tuition in 2003 to share the joy of mathematics with every New Zealand child - instilling a lifelong confidence in dealing with numbers.

Having a business background and holding a Masters Degree in Science with a Maths Major, Soniyaa established herself in New Zealand with humble beginnings. Teaching Maths is her greatest passion and she loves discovering the curiosity in each of her students then nurturing and encouraging them to grow as people and Mathematicians.

Soniyaa has created a unique system and established the only NZ Maths Tutoring Company that provides all national and international mathematics training under one roof. Her methods consist of understanding the student’s individual level and catering the training according to their needs. It is not about what is being taught, what matters is HOW it is being taught. These simple and effective methods not only reach students, but also make it possible for people with latent or forgotten mathematical skills to be able to pick up on complicated syllabi with confidence and understanding. 

Apart from teaching, Soniyaa spends much of her time building teaching resources which guide teachers with how to use the most effective teaching methods and strategies so that they can successfully pass on knowledge to students.

Mathematics rates being so poor in NZ has motivated and encouraged Soniyaa to make EMT the one stop shop for anyone and everyone in need of support, and by doing this, she dreams to improve levels nationally and put NZ on the map for our Mathematical intelligence.

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