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Assessment Session

A student's current Maths ability is assessed during the first session. This enables areas of difficulty to be identified. Parents are invited to observe the assessment session. You will receive the results at the end of the session. We offer 100% money back guarantee of progress in this session.

In this session, we assess student's capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses into all areas of Mathematics. We recommend student's parents to sit beside their child during assessment so that they can get a feeling for our tutorial methods.

If at the end of the session, students or parents aren't happy with our style then we won't charge anything. We're proud to say that in EMT's history none of our students have requested their money back or left our doors unhappy or unsatisfied.

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One on one

This session offers intensive one on one Maths tuition. EMT focuses on student's weakness to increase their understanding and boost their confidence. Some students call this session the 'ultimate transformer'.


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Shared Session

A Bring Your Own Buddy (BYOB) session with a maximum of 3 students. This works best where there are two friends, classmates or family members working together. Shared sessions are very popular and have proven to be very effective for many of our students.


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Group Session

Students work in a small group with a maximum of 5 students, so the student can still get personal attention. Group sessions are effective for students who find they work better with others, or who enjoy the friendly but competitive dynamic of a group. Group Session help students build their concentration without getting distracted by others, ideal preparation for exams.


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Online Session

Enhance your math skills from the comfort of your home with our interactive online math tuition sessions. Join expert tutors for personalized guidance, practical examples, and a supportive learning environment. Master math concepts, boost your confidence, and achieve academic excellence with our interactive and engaging virtual classes.


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