Claire : Year 10 Green Bay high School

Hi, my name is Claire. I go to Green Bay High School and I am in year 10 before I started in EMT I thought I was at least ok in Maths, but it turned out, I was not because when I did the assessment with EMT. I found out how I was bad in math and I was really bad .so I am so thankful for what they did because they help me improve me so much in this year.

When I came to end of the year exam I thought I was gonna fail because test was too difficult to me. But when I actual found out that I passed. I was so excited and I jumped ups & down ran around in class room because way to excited and then my teacher told me to sit down to be quite and pretty much focus on more work, so yeah !! I was way to excited because I am so thankful to what EMT has done for me. They just help me out way so much thankful they have done so, thank you so much you have done great thank you!!"

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