Olivia & William With Their Mum

"I am Olivia I got a Marist College. I am In Year 10 and before I came to EMT I wasn’t very confident in Maths and i wanted to improve in Algebra in my final recent exam i got 61 right out of 62. Thank you EMT. Hi I am Libby Olivia started at EMT because she wanted to become more confident and improve new results and she did really well in Algebra. She only got 1 wrong in her final exams so we are thrilled about that and William going very recently just before his last exam and Oliviahe just worried on his algebra and he was very pleased with his results as well Thank You.

Hi my Name is William. I got to St Peters college. I came to EMT to help my Algebra out cause i wasn't too confident on it and they when I came to EMT I found more confident and in the exam i only got one algebra question wrong in the whole section Thanks EMT."!!

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