Jacqui Year 10 Epsom Girls Grammar School

" Hi My name is Jacqui. I am going to EPSOM Girls Grammar School and i am in Year 10. At the start when I started maths, i was very sad. I didn't understand. I stressed out a lot and I was in below in Class. Now I stared EMT through my friend. And I have started gainingJaquni more confident. I enjoyed maths a lot now I finally done my interviewed exam only with 5 sessions of EMT and I got very good marks. Now I am in main stream of school and I am just so grateful for EMT that I have gained confidence and good results. Thank you so much EMT you don't understand what it means to me.

I am Jacqui's mum Liz. I always worried about Jacqui’s capability with maths. we had lots of lessons and really she hadn't got it. She has been going to EMT for 5 lessons and already she got full understanding of the topic what she is doing in school and It is just great to have her Pleased and happy with maths Jacqui it has taken stress out of it and from life too thank you EMT."

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