" Hi. My name is Ezrah Kapatini, I'm in year 10 student at Avondale college. I've been attending EMT since last year. At the start, when I was taking maths, I wasn't very good at it. EMT is been helping me over the last year also and my stativity been pretty good. I recommend EMT to anyone who struggle with maths and really helps. Thank You!"

" Hi. My name is Louise Kapatini, I'm Ezrah's dad. And as Ezrah is said, he started with EMT over a year ago and he was starting college at Avondale , year 9, and on his own words he suck at maths and I knew that we needs a bit of help and was fortunate enough to hook up with Sonia and EMT and fund the first session, I could see that it was gonna be quiet beneficial to Ezrah and since then he's been attending once a week on one on one basis with Suri mainly and it's been fantastic  because his result! He just improved from where he was! He's been getting Merit and Excellent results. So it was fantastic and we really really recommend to any parent and student who stuck with maths.. That is a real group and fantastic system.."

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