ANNA: Yr 7, Glen Eden Intermediate

Before starting tuition term 1 “I feel Maths is a long pattern of numbers……I didn’t feel very good about Maths at school” (Student)”Anna had been going to Numberworks but was never enthusiastic about Maths” (Parent)At the end of the first session Anna wrote “I found it fun. I felt good about what I learned.”

At the end of term 2 "I find Maths easier now….and I'm getting good marks." (Student)"Anna scored stanine 8 on the yr 7 PAT test at the beginning of the first term….. After only a few sessions with EMT. She now describes Maths as her favourite subject and looks forward to lessons…..In her latest pre-test she scored 'skilled' before the unit began. Her self confidence has really grown." (Parent and a teacher)

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